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Document DateDescriptionCommentsFile Name
19 Dec 2015TestTest sanskrit.jpg
12 Dec 2009Christmas/New Year 2009 Flyer  December 2009 Newsletter.pdf
03 Oct 2009Diwali Flyer pg 1Information regarding Diwali Celebration for October 17, 2009 diwali pg1.JPG
03 Oct 2009Diwali Flyer pg 2Information regarding Diwali celebration for October 17, 2009 diwali pg2.JPG
17 Jun 2009Passing of Dhayabhai L BhaktaFuneral on Friday, June 19, 2009 at 10am. Green Valley Mortuary, Rescue, CA 95672 Passing of Dahyabhai L. Bhakta.doc
17 Nov 2008Passsing of Sukhiben N BhaktaFuneral on Wednesday, November 19, 2008. 12pm. Passing_of_Sukhiben_N._Bhakta.doc
15 Nov 2008Passing of Dhirajbhai Parbhubhai BhaktaFunneral on November 18, 2008 (Tuesday) 9:00 a.m. passing dhiraj bhakta.doc
19 Sep 2008Diwali 2008  Diwali Flyer.doc
05 Apr 2008general meeting summarysummary of general meeting and up-coming events General_meeting_summary_for_2008.doc
19 Feb 2008general meeting on 3/8/08everyone is invited to join the 2008 general meeting GeneralMeeting[1].doc
29 Nov 2007Christmas Party  ChristmasParty.doc
26 Nov 2007Passing of Santaben Dhirajbhai Bhakta  On September 3rd 2007 Santaben Dhirajbhai Bhakta o
22 Nov 2007Dahyabhai BhaktaAccident Document.txt
15 Nov 2007dewali party  Diwali[1].doc

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